Halloween Horror!/Exclusive Offer!

Just in time for Halloween! Buffalo Tom Peabody’s Halloween Treats Stomach Pump!


It’s easy to use and a bargain at only $29.95! (Money orders only, no personal checks, please!) It’s so simple and easy to use, kids can even pump out their own stomachs!


No complicated machinery to worry about! No electricity required!


Order right now* and I will include a free box of my Halloween Treats absolutely FREE! Dogs LOVE them! FRESH from the litter box!


Don’t confuse my Halloween Treats Stomach Pump with ordinary turkey basters! Mine is the only stomach pump approved by Dr. Buffalo Tom Peabody!


Don’t wait until it is too late! Order NOW!


(*This special offer expires when Bed Bath and Beyond, at the mall, runs out of turkey basters)

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


9 thoughts on “Halloween Horror!/Exclusive Offer!

  1. I need a case of these, el pronto, por favor!
    I’m headed over to the pumpkin patch with a wagon train full of DingleBerry DeLites. There’s bus loads of kiddie kritters due for their annual field trip to the Smash-Up and FrightFest. No matter how many warnings we give these critters, they always over-indulge!

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