For More Hi-Jinx & Nincompoopery……

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Yours truly,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 3rd grade class president, & people pleaser!
P.S. Every time someone clicks my like button Mrs. Stits, my Teacher, has a mini-stroke!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


10 thoughts on “For More Hi-Jinx & Nincompoopery……

    • Don’t give in! Facebook will only make you crazy! It will put all of your relationships at risk. 🙂
      Not to mention, you will need something stronger than wine to get through your newsfeed! Many social drinkers have become habitual drunks dhe to Facebook! 🙂 I really enjoy your blog and do not want to see anything bad happen to you!

      • I can’t afford gas to the numerous 12-step programs that would become a necessity in my life. My family tree has a few branches I’d like to avoid .. And there’s the chance I might rant about something that would offend someone, so, I’m just as well not to give Facebook my ‘signature.’ I’ll just sneak up on Mrs. S. at the water fountain and whack her on her knees when she least expects it.

      • Lol! I’m with you on that! I don’t encourage anyone to start the terrible Facebook Habit! As I told Conrad the wine wanker, Facebook will drive you straight to hard liquor! Next stop… The gutter! Good for you for avoiding it!

  1. Link to my runin with the charity I question.

    They have changed their Facebook status to not accepting donations at the bottom of their about page, after I made the suggestion in a DM. They are a lookalike soundalike to Make A Wish Foundation, and post and tweet in the same manner.

    I’ve referred it tot he Ohio AG, as they aren’t registered in Ohio as required, claim to be a nonprofit on their LinkedIn (doesn’t say they don’t accept donations there) and other problems with their business practices.

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