Annual Fall Clearance!

Me and Gunther are conducting our annual Fall Clearance! We’ve got to make way for new inventory! We’ve slashed prices to the bone!


We are easy to find and centrally located next door to the sewage treatment plant! Just follow your nose to the wrong side of town for unbeatable deals!


You can browse our inventory from the comfort of your old car… pile after pile of savings! We are just like Walmart! Don’t see anything that interests you? That’s okay! We have new inventory arriving daily!


Remember, at Buffalo Tom Auto Sales you can buy with confidence! We offer a comprehensive 20 minute satisfaction guarantee!


That’s right! We have everything! We can even satisfy that hard to please street car shopper!


This honey of a deal station wagon is perfect for large families! Speaking of families! Bring the kids to Buffalo Tom Auto Sales. We have all kinds of attractions to keep the kids busy while you shop!


If your kids don’t like playing on tire piles we also have our Space Mountain Adventure!


Once you have made a selection we can customize it for you!


Spike is standing by to custom tailor your purchase to your specific needs! That’s just one of Buffalo Tom Auto Sales unique customer service options!

So, follow your nose to the sewage treatment plant and take a left… ignore the “Property Condemned” sign hanging on our gate and Save! Save! Save!


Hurry! At these prices we’re losing money!


… And don’t forget, everyone gets a free plunger…even the kids…even grandma!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


23 thoughts on “Annual Fall Clearance!

    • Lol! We were going to serve leftover festive Halloween Beverage… But we found a case of cokes in the back of a 1921 Ford pickup truck…. Right on our own car lot! Everybody thought the tiny bottles with the rusted Caps were really neat!

  1. As if the free plunger wasn’t enough, I really like the look of the Space Mountain ride! Has it been regularly checked for Health and Safety? It looks safe enough to me, to be honest. I’m sure I can safely leave the kids there while I browse for a sweet new ride 🙂

    Good for you, Buffalo Tom and Gunther, for bringing affordable transport to the family on a budget!

    • Very very very very very funny draliman!
      Gunther usually performs the ride inspections… The entrance to Space Mountain Car Pile Adventure Is a Mini Cooper located at the bottom of the heap… Then you crawl from car to car until you reach the top… When you reach the top, you grab onto the claw of the crane… Then Spike gently lowers you to the ground… About halfway up the pile we have installed a gift shop in the back of a delivery van… You can also buy refreshments there! Doris Turdwinder Is your gift shop hostess!

      • No “attraction” would be complete without being forced through the gift shop at some point!
        Are you sure Spike can do anything “gently”?

  2. You got any Ford Pinto’s in the yard? I like them blue colored ones with the fake vinyl seats. Front seat’s gotta be a bench, no buckets for this mama.
    Got any of them thar cokes left? Save me one for when I comes for the car. Okie-doke?
    P. S. Can I smoke on the property? You know, on account of them fumes radiating from down the road? I don’t want to set off no fireworks in November. We don’t need the “you know what” to hit the fan, either.

    • LOL!!!! You are on fire today! We have only a couple Ford pintos… As you may know, most of them exploded in rear end collisions due to the gas tank being located so close to the rear bumper. We have one in stock and I think it is blue underneath all the rust… Spike would be happy to go ahead and give it a coat of blue Rust Oleum paint for you. Rust-oleum will stop that rust in its tracks!

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