When Do We Eat!


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13 thoughts on “When Do We Eat!

  1. My mom used to tell stories about going camping with her family when she was a child. Several extended family members would meet with their Model T Fords. They would go through mud, roads not passable by modern cars, sleep in tents, and–for several days–eat off of a large salt-cured ham, hardtack and fruit such as apples. There weren’t many paved roads.

    That was what I thought about first when I saw the picture. The second thought? You couldn’t get me cross country in one of those! I’d rather sleep on a rooftop in Morocco. 🙂

    • Lol! There are old pictures of people camping like that back in the day! I have come across them several times in my photo searches… The people look positively miserable. But I don’t guess they have anything to compare it to.

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