The Nincompoop Coupe!

Car and Driver magazine has dubbed this little beauty “The Nincompoop Coupe”!


You don’t have to worry about plugging this little gem into a wall socket! This baby is a fossil fuel burner! So you can forget about the environment… Our “engineers” have!
The all new 2014 B.T. PeabodyMobile LTD!
“The Nincompoop Coupe!”
$29.95! (Money orders only, no personal checks, please!) Free plunger with every purchase!


Buffalo Gal is smiling, styling and profiling in her sporty convertible! She is a hit with the boys in this KLASSY Rag Top!

Don’t worry! We have not forgotten about families! We are featuring the ultra-roomy and luxurious B.T. PeabodyMobile Wagoneer! There is room for the whole soccer team and their plungers!


We know that some of you hillbilly-types need even more room! You can choose the all-new Southern Star 4 X 4 pickup! No matter what you want to haul or pull our 4hp air cooled engine can handle it! You’ll appreciate the smart detailing and styling of the all new 2014 Southern Star!


All of you single-type guys will appreciate our brand new 2014 Romantic Moonbeam! You will be so popular, you will have to chase the girls away with your plunger!


No matter which new beautiful model you choose you will appreciate the clean and crisp interior styling! You will have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful interior of your new PeabodyMobile as you cruise along at a top speed of 30 miles per hour or less! Thanks to our heavy duty 4 hp engine! You will be amazed how quickly cars can pass you on the left and right! You will thinkΒ  you are standing still!


In a brand new PeabodyMobile you will feel like The King Of The Road as you spew a trail of black smoke behind you! All of our new models burn oil immediately… No need to wait! We will even throw in a free case of oil along with your free plunger…with every purchase!


For those of you who like to travel… Select our PeabodyMobile Cruiser! Just strap your luggage to the back and go! Go! Go!


You will love your all new 2014 PeabodyMobile! There is nothing else like it on the road! Klassy with a capital K!


Don’t worry about huge insurance premiums with your new PeabodyMobile! The major insurance carriers refuse to cover it! Think of the money you will save!

So hurry down to my PeabodyMobile Showroom! I stand behind every car I sell… As I wave goodbye to you… Forever!


So hurry! Stock and selection are limited!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


25 thoughts on “The Nincompoop Coupe!

  1. Do you carrier transport to my edge of town?
    Can I have that new fandangled fake oil?
    Can I get a trailer hitch installed on my truck?
    Do I have to run premium or will regular be okay? … Can I convert to rocket fuel on that family cruiser? (We need to be to Granny’s house by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.)
    Do you give Green Stamps?
    My check is in the mail.

    • Lol! Yahoo! You are my first order! We aim to please ma’am! And because you are our first order we are going to include a 55 gallon drum of synthetic oil! That should last about a week in these babies! Gunther and Doris said that they will personally deliver your PeabodyMobiles! And, thank you so much, for Reblogging!

    • Hahahahaha! Good one! In Europe, I think these little cars were probably fine… They were introduced in the mid 50’s here in the US… As you say, Soccer for semi trucks! πŸ™‚ Not to mention all of those gigantic American cars at the time! πŸ™‚

  2. I love the way you turn all the negatives into positives!
    I know you “stand behind every car you sell” but not too close, I hope. I wouldn’t be surprised if the gearbox malfunctioned and the car shot backwards by mistake (not wishing to cast aspersions on your new range, mind) πŸ™‚

    • LOL! No need to worry… The PeabodyMobile Is so underpowered it can barely break it’s own wind resistance! πŸ™‚ The biggest complaint we’ve had so far is… When people park behind another car… They can’t get the front door open to exit The PeabodyMobile! That’s why we recommend the sporty convertible… You can climb out the back… Or the romantic Moonbeam… You can climb out the moon roof… πŸ™‚

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