Fashion Sensible

The original Blonde Bombshell!

Remembering Jean Harlow, Hollywood actress and comedienne.
Born Harlean Carpenter in Kansas City on March 3, 1911 and died June 7th 1937.

She was a true superstar and sensation of her era. Her close friend, Rosalind Russell, said that Jean was a kind, warm, loving person and generous to a fault.

Definitely not ordinary! She often said, “I don’t know what people see in me?”

Her kindness and warmth, as a person, projected beyond the roles she played in her movies. A rare and wonderful quality.

Her first starring role was in Howard Hughes’ epic film “Hell’s Angels”.


Stepping out of the ordinary! Jean Harlow!
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14 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible

      • Lol! I’m like you, Keeping busy while on transport, Usually absorbing biographical details. There is a lot to be said for the educational value of riding a bus or train or a plane. I think, all total, I’ve spent years sitting on tour buses.

      • May I ask you a cheeky personal question, that I would never ask if you were a lady! lol and you have the right to not answer the question lol but I’m curious as to what age you are lol

      • I’m pretty much just Buffalo Tom. What is on my blog is pretty much my real life experiences Or reinventions: of my experiences. I have always driven people crazy with my goofy stories. I seem to be a bottomless pit of Nincompoopery. Many of my stories are veiled retellings of my experiences as a background singer. There is a code of silence in the entertainment industry that must be observed and respected. πŸ™‚ Nor is it in my nature to be a gossip… So I stick to my own stories. Plus I really don’t want to blog about the music business directly. The life of any performer is a hard one filled with long hours of hard hard work. I can’t bring myself to treat that lightly or denigrate anyone in the business.
        I want my blog to represent the two things I value most in life… Kindness and generosity. Well, that’s Buffalo Tom! Probably more than you wanted to know! πŸ™‚

      • It’s always good to know more about the company you keep πŸ™‚ Nothing wrong with Nincompoopery, it makes life a lot more entertaining. I will be forever grateful to the Diwmit for pointing me in the direction of your blog,
        which represents very well the things you value, for you have both in abundance!

      • Thanks! I have a question… I have been checking out alternate themes for my blog… Some of the Themes that I see on other people’s blogs I really do not like. Many of them are virtually impossible to navigate with TTS. Many of them are a mess on mobile. K and finally and not least Of all… Some sayings cause Automatic crashing. On some it is impossible to find the most recent post. I think I like my present layout… But would like to change colors and a few other things. Is that possible in the settings for appearance?

      • Are you just using or do you host your own?
        If you’re using WordPress, for the particular theme you have you can have a light version of it or a dark version. You can also change the layout, as in where your sidebars are etc, but it’s pretty limited.
        You can however add a background around the sides if you want to lift the color.
        For mind I basically made a new image 300 x 300 and then used a brush in Paint shop that had letters and spray painted it on. Added it to wordpress and then tiled it.
        If you want to spend money, there is an option on where you can buy a custom design package that costs $30 per year. It, as far as I know allows you to change font, color and backgrounds.
        It’s hard picking themes, the one i use was my favourite out of them all. I’m off to bed now, but if you reply I’ll get it in the morning πŸ™‚ or mail me, you have the address.

    • It is a sad story. There was a lot of mystery and drama in her life. Her mother, Mama Jean And her stepfather, Marino Bello, seemed to be the root of most of her problems. Like most nice people, she tried to please everyone, while trying to escape from their abuse. There are scads of touching stories about her kindness. Because of the mysterious death of her husband, Paul Byrne, She received a lot of bad press that would have wrecked anyone else’s career. The personal accounts of those who knew her, tell the true story. Jean Harlow was often unfairly maligned just for the sake of a juicy story.

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