Forecasting The Whether Or Not

A while back, I was a featured performer with the Flying Wallendas.

While performing one of our daredevil stunts, in Omaha, I missed a “catch” and plummeted 65 feet to the ground, landing on my head!

When I “came to” in the hospital… I realized that I could predict the future! The blow to my head had rendered me psychic! Not wishing to waste this newfound talent, I immediately moved to the Carpathian Mountains and joined a band of Gypsys. When the gypsies weren’t busy stealing children, I told fortunes! One of my favorite predictions was telling the villagers that their children would probably be stolen by gypsies! Recognizing my talent, the gypsies, nicknamed me TheSwami Buffalo Tommy!

When I wasn’t telling fortunes, I moonlighted as an outhouse tester…

My fame as a reliable psychic spread far and wide. It wasn’t long before I set up permanent residence in Paris, France! My Ouija board skills are second to none!Β  My fortune telling parlor became world famous.

I am now sharing my psychic talent with you!

Many of my patrons have asked me why I do not take personal checks… I don’t take personal checks because I can predict your future!
I have a 100% accuracy rating!* (* As calculated by the Buffalo Tom Peabody accuracy rating service)
Here is today’s prediction:

Psychically yours,
The Swami Buffalo Tommy, 3rd Grade Class President and people pleaser

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


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