Holler-Day Expressions

The Holler-Day’s are the busiest time of the year! You barely have time to celebrate much less decorate! So me and Gunther decided to share our decorating expertise! $29.95 (No personal checks, please! Visa and MasterCard welcome!)
Presenting! Buffalo Tom Peabody’s Holler-Day Expressions©! Let me and Gunther do all of your decorating!

We use only the klassiest and highest quality decorating elements! You can choose any one of our exciting and stunning motifs! You will reap the benefits of our inability to know when to stop!

If our exciting Joy To The World motif does not appeal to you, maybe you would like Gunther’s Santa and the Penguins motif!

Maybe you just want to impress your neighbors with your high klass taste! Then, you’ll want to purchase my Deluxe Motif! This has absolutely everything! Including a kitchen sink, mounted curbside for the convenience of anyone who pauses to soak up the beauty of your decorations!

Don’t worry… We have not forgotten those of you on a budget! For the low low price of $19.95 (No personal checks, please! Visa and MasterCard welcome!) you can choose our Holler-Day On A Budget Motif!

We haven’t forgotten you business owners either! You can choose our Deluxe Business Motif!

No matter which of our stunning motifs you choose, rest assured, you will be the hit of the neighborhood! All eyes will be on your lovely home!

But wait! If you order within the next 5 minutes… Gunther will throw in, free of charge, his one of a kind, designer Holler-Day Unisex Party Outfit! That’s a $29.95 value for free! You’ll be the life of the party!

Celebrate and let us decorate!

Yours truly,
Buffalo Tom Peabody and Gunther

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7 thoughts on “Holler-Day Expressions

  1. Totally tasteless and tacky! You should be able to retire as a billionaire within 48 hours! 🙂 I love your blog and this post in particular! Great job!

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