It’s A Wonderful Plunger

Here is the story behind the story of a Hollywood classic motion picture!

At the end of the war, my dear friend Frank Capra, contacted me… He asked me to come up with a Timeless Christmas Classic and starring vehicle for me, Buffalo Tom Peabody!
I created a story about a man, his family, his plunger, diverticulitis and his brilliant cat!

I filled the story with lots of edgy drama surrounding plugged up toilets during one man’s life! Plugged up toilets haunt him constantly! Even a high fiber diet does not help! So, he decides to end it all! Magically his Guardian Angel appears and presents him with The Peabody Plunger©!

All of his troubles are over! He returns to his family and they celebrate!
Who can forget that famous last line…

One more thing… My moron of a manager insisted that I get top billing over Jimmy Stewart, Lionel Barrymore and Donna Reed! Needless to say, I was cut from every scene in the film! They even rewrote my story and changed the plot!
Yours truly,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 3rd grade class president and Hollywood Mogul!

P.S. Who says, It’s a Wonderful Life?

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


13 thoughts on “It’s A Wonderful Plunger

    • Lol! The scenes with Donna Reed unplugging the toilet… Could have won her an Academy Award! Such pathos! In one scene… Jimmy Stewart is sitting at the breakfast table eating a high fiber cereal… In the background, you can hear Donna Reed unplugging the toilet! A film noir classic!

  1. Why would anyone ever change that remarkable plunger story? It’s just what everyone wants to see to escape the harsh realities of life.

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