Bob won’t let me watch cable, he says its a bad influence on me… So me and Gunther have to watch Dexter on DVD. Gunther gets lots of good detective ideas from the show.
Gunther says I’m starting to look like Dexter…

Personally, I don’t see any resemblance.
I wrote a fan letter to Dexter and told him about some hillbillies he needed to “meet”… Especially the dumb, ignorant, female, hillbilly woman that has tried to drown me in the lake in a gunny sack, electrocute me and poison me! So, he invited me and Gunther to visit him…

He was really nice and scary all at the same time.We gave him a bunch of Buffalo Tom Peabody merchandise!

Dexter’s sister, Deb, said that me and Gunther looked like “a couple of pussies.” DUH! No wonder Dexter gets away with murder in Miami!
Well, that’s my story! Gotta go! Gunther is popping corn so we can watch the final episode of the series tonight… On DVD… Because cable is a bad influence on me.

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


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