Dr. Cl-Oz

Did you see me and Gunther on the Dr Oz show?

We gave all of the hypocondriacs in the studio audience a $1.00 off coupon!
Everybody was asking Gunther about Miley Cyrus. Gunther said, he was glad he didn’t have to unplug her toilets…he said it would probably take a wrecking ball to clear them…and it would probably make him cry!

On the show, I challenged Oprah, to let us unplug her toilets! Dr Oz said he didn’t want to get caught up in that!
I said, Oprah’s toilets were probably clogged up with money…

Me and Gunther would like to thank Dr Oz for posing for all of these promotional pictures!

Oprah? I’m still waiting to hear from you…
Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 3rd grade class president and Plunger King!

Oh! Gunther says to wish y’all a Happy Holler-Day!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


6 thoughts on “Dr. Cl-Oz

  1. Awesome endorsement.

    And I really never noticed that Dr. Oz has Spock ears.

    Did you do his plastic surgery on his ears Buffalo Tom?

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