Check Under Your Christmas Tree!

Me and Gunther have mailed ourselves, in a Christmas package, to one lucky recipient!

We will spend the day with you making this a Holler-Day to remember always!
To find out if you are THE lucky winner, rip open all of the packages under your tree! Right now! Me and Gunther are probably thirsty and hungry… and remember we only eat veggie-free cat food and we like to wash it down with orange soda!

Imagine all of the fun we will have as I tell you how to celebrate Christmas properly! Santa’s birthday only comes once a year! Don’t forget… Me and Gunther want a Playstation for Christmas! We will be giving you and your family a Peabody Plunger Holler-Day gift assortment! A $29.95 value!

You won’t have to worry about Kitten Kaboodle, he brings his own vegetables in a lunch box, and goes outside when he has to fart.

We have got to be back home by 8:30 p.m. So please make arrangements accordingly… That’s when we open our presents…

Good luck! I hope you are the lucky winner!
Happy Holler-Days to you! From me and the whole gang!

And a happy Festivus to all you heathens!

Oh! Buffalo Gal will be arriving later, as she and the Buffalo Dolls have a concert this afternoon! I have a list of things you will need to prepare for her.
Well, that’s it! Don’t go to too much trouble!
Yours truly,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 3rd grade class president and Plunger King!

P.S. Because I have short legs, I also want a girls bike for Christmas!… If it’s not too much trouble…


The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


13 thoughts on “Check Under Your Christmas Tree!

  1. Funny! I haven’t seen a hairdo like that since my mother tried to make me wear it to church and slapped me across the face when I dipped the brush in water and straightened my hair right in front of her. I was satisfied to go to church with one side of my face red than with that horrendous hairdo. 🙂

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