2013 Leavings

I hope you are having a great Holler-Day!

Mine was peaceful and quiet… I smiled a lot.

I hope you got and gave everything you wanted…

Giving is the best part.
I’m sure that some people will have complaints and track down the culprit…

There never seems to be a shortage of villagers carrying torches and pitchforks!
There is always tomorrow… Maybe not…

Some Christmas memories will echo for years to come… I sometimes wonder how I will be remembered. I hope people smile, or even laugh.
My favorite Christmas memory is my mother’s smile.

Some Christmas memories are just unbelievable…

Some Christmas memories are just out of this world…

I wonder how Diana Ross spent Christmas? Actually I don’t really wonder about that. My heart was always with Florence Ballard. She was terribly treated. I believe selfishness and greed are terrible things. Charles Dickens knew what he was talking about.

All I want for Christmas is to give… I’m just like you, better at giving…

That’s all I want…

The smiles make it all worthwhile.
That’s all

I will be taking a few days off… And then it’s back to my usual hi-jinx and nincompoopery! Until then…
Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom

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