Fashion Sensible/Buffalo Gal Peabody

Remembering Ginger Rogers, born Virginia McMath July 16, 1911 in Missouri.

If you watched the video… I think that is how stars are born… Big, giant close ups! I am also a big fan of singing in pig latin! What a debut! I doubt if it has ever been topped!

My feeling is this; any movie with Ginger Rogers in it… Is a great one!

My favorite Ginger Rogers movie is “42nd Street”. She is so good in all her movies… I love them all!

She is probably best remembered for her dance movies with Fred Astaire… Ginger said, “I did everything Fred did, only backwards and in high heels.”
Ginger Rogers died on April 25, 1995.

Definitely… Stepping out of the ordinary!… And in pig latin too! Ginger Rogers! Check out her movies!
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Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Gal Peabody, lead singer of the Buffalo Dolls!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


17 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible/Buffalo Gal Peabody

      • I rely on color to guide me most of the time. I remember one time when all the waitresses were wearing red tops and black pants. A waitress came by and I asked her for more water. She looked at me and said something like, “I ain’t yo’ waitress. I ain’t even the same race!” It seems the woman assigned to my table was the same build but blonde. πŸ™‚

        Then there was the time my son took off his jacket in the middle of a mall. I’m looking for a black jacket. He’s standing in front of me in a different color shirt.

        Or I could talk about the time a white-haired lady with my sisters build and the same color shirt was in a store. I had been looking at something and didn’t notice my sister going to another aisle. I followed that poor lady who must have thought I was stalking her. Then my sister showed up. Talk about embarrassing.

    • LOL! we’re kind of a retro 60’s type girl group. Our biggest hit so far is a reworking of The Ronettes “”Be My Baby” except we made it all about cheese! We love cheese! So our version is titled “Be My Baby Swiss” are version also features a 15 minute accordion Break by Buffalo Tom! πŸ‘πŸŽΌπŸŽ€πŸ‘
      ^^ Buffalo Gal

  1. Iay avehay udiedstay Igpay Atinlay orfay overay eventysay years. Aay eryvay omplicatedcay anguagelay! Anday atwhay anymay eoplepay oday otnay ealizeray isay erethay areay atay eastlay entytway ialectsday.

    • Igpay atinlay isway osay uchmay unfay hoeverway houghttay itway upway asway away eniusgay iway hinktay illway oday away ostpay edicatedday otay hetay anguagelay artway nownkay asway iglatinpay .
      Long Live Pig Latin! Or as they say, “ay ay anyway ayway ay?”πŸ‘πŸ·πŸ‘

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