Fashion Sensible: Marie Prevost

Honoring and remembering Actress and Comedienne, Marie Prevost…

Born November 8, 1898 in Canada, Marie was one of the original Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties in silent films. She made 121 silent and talking films…

She was a huge star who influenced fashion and popular culture…

She was the first film star featured on the debut cover of Flapper magazine in 1922.
If you have seen any of her films, she is impossible to forget…

She was also one of the original “IT” Girls”.






My favorite Marie Prevost film is “Three Wise Girls” co-starring with the beautiful Jean Harlow.

Marie died on January 21, 1937.
Check out her films!
Marie Prevost… Stepping out of the ordinary!
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6 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible: Marie Prevost

    • Hi Brantley! Marie Prevost’s story is a sad one. Apparently she responded badly to failed romances. When her relationships went bad, she would drink and overeat… Which affected her career… Which affected her romances. This sort of story seems to be played out by every generation.

      What I really like about these pop culture pioneers is that they were among the very first to do what everyone has been doing since. I can only imagine that it took a lot of guts to be so unconventional during a conventional era.
      Thanks for checking out my blog, I appreciate it very much!

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