Walton-ized: John Boy’s Miracle


One of me and Gunther’s favorite episodes from the 2nd season of The Waltons is a Thanksgiving story, creatively titled  “The Thanksgiving Story”.

In this episode, John Boy is studying hard for his entrance exams to Boatwright University… It’s The Depression and the Waltons don’t have much money and Jon boy needs a scholarship… They desperately need a miracle!

But while John Boy is helping Grandpa and Daddy in the sawmill, the belt flies off the saw and hits John Boy right in the head causing a severe brain injury! Gunther says it’s a good thing he didn’t take a direct hit to the LOVE-SPUDS… Knowing how the Waltons feel about having lots of children…
Miss Hunter, John Boy’s teacher,

…feels that John Boy should still take his college entrance exams, even though he has just had dangerous brain surgery and its 1933. So, she fixes it so that John Boy can take the exams two days after his brain surgery… and a few days before Thanksgiving… The Waltons need a miracle…

It has always been my contention, that teachers are trying to kill their students… And this episode proves it

.Meanwhile… The Baldwin Sisters have decided they want to adopt Jason Walton… Making him Jason Walton-Baldwin!

They figure if they adopt Jason, he can help prepare “The Recipe”… In other words, they want to adopt him to turn him into a bootlegger. Of course Mama Walton, Olivia, is having none of it! Meanwhile… John Boy has just had brain surgery and won’t wake up! The Waltons need a miracle…

Well, Thanksgiving finally arrives! The family is sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner talking about how much they all miss John Boy… And you will never guess what… JohnBoy comes walking into the house with his head all bandaged up! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! He has also passed the college entrance exam and won a full scholarship to Boatwright University! The abundant Thanksgiving miracles never seem to end! Not to mention, modern medicine could take a tip from the Waltons… One week recovery time from brain surgery and John Boy’s hair grew back before the next episode.

That’s our first report!
Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Boy Peabody and Gunther

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


20 thoughts on “Walton-ized: John Boy’s Miracle

  1. After John Boy left the Waltons, he went on to make one of the worst SciFi movie I’ve ever seen (Grade B movie called “Battle Beyond the Stars in 1980). I wondered when I watched it, “Was he brain damaged when he agreed to do this?” Now I know.

    • Lol! I saw him in a play once and he was pretty good. So good, that I have forgotten the title of the play and what it was about… 🙂 He did a Q&A afterwards and was very kind. I think he said his parents were professional dancers.

      • The Waltons was the show that made him famous. Regardless of any other considerations, he was a lot more successful than the majority of actors. Interesting that he had triplet girls.

      • The casting on the Waltons was really good… Everyone was pretty believable. Some of the guest stars who showed up to be Walton-ized were a little shaky though.
        I think Will Geer as grandpa was brilliant.

    • I know exactly what you mean. My mother, whose own family exactly mirrored The Waltons… 7 kids; 3 girls and 4 boys, raised during the Depression on a farm, adored The Waltons. She said that she could identify totally with the situations on the Waltons.
      As I look at the show now, I am impressed by the unwavering respect the Walton characters had for other people. Just like Walton’s mountain, The Waltons were rock solid in their values while always trying to understand and accept new things. Toleration was not enough for them… They wanted to understand and accept. ( Except grandma! :-)) But, I feel just like you… It becomes so unbelievably “nice”! I think, maybe, Earl Hamner Jr admired Thomas Wolfe more than Tennessee Williams! 🙂

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