Walton-ized: The Pony Cart


Buffalo Tom:
Me and Gunther just watched our favorite Waltons episode ever! “The Pony Cart.”
This episode has one of our favorite Waltons in it… Martha Corinne! She is Grandpa Walton’s aunt and is over 90 years old!


Buffalo Tom really likes her because she is the only person who is almost as bossy as he is!


Buffalo Tom:
Well, the old gal comes to Walton’s Mountain to Walton-ize The Waltons! I couldn’t have been happier!


Cousin Martha Corinne brings everybody a beautiful gift and then starts bossing everybody around… Telling them what to do and how to do it!
Of course, she recognizes that Buffalo Tom is a kindred spirit and asks for his help…


Buffalo Tom:
Naturally, The Waltons are having none of it! They all get their panties in a great big wad! Especially Grandma! So, Mama Walton, gently informs cousin Martha Corinne that she has worn out her welcome and should pack up her ditty bag, which includes Buffalo Tom Boy and go home.
While John Boy is driving us home… She has a heart attack! John Boy takes us back to Walton’s Mountain and tells Mama Walton what has happened. Now that Martha Corinne is sick, they all take pity on her… She wants to help Ben finish his pony cart before she kicks the big one…


Cousin Martha Corinne makes one last attempt to straighten out John Boy…


Well, she and Ben finally finish the pony cart… The Waltons take a family picture… Cousin Martha Corinne gets in the pony cart to take a ride with Ben. After a little while, she asks Ben to let her out… She stumbles into a flower bed and dies. This event succeeds in Walton-izing The Waltons.

That’s it. So, until next time!
Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Boy and Gunther


The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


13 thoughts on “Walton-ized: The Pony Cart

  1. You bitter go to be a gittin waltonizing those Waltons Buffalo Tom Boy! “But ma aa!…” Don’t you be a maa…ring me now!

    • Thank you, Dr. Rex!
      I’m a huge Beulah Bondi fan and her guest appearances on The Waltons garnered an Emmy Award. I have to admit that I laughed and felt a twinge of guilt when I reread this post only to find that my message was; “In order to change people for the better you must pay them a visit, abuse them and then die in their flower garden.” Yikes! My apologies to Beulah! LOL!

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