Two Sensational Acts On One Stage


They don’t call me The King of Rock N Roll for nothing…


I even got that Justin Bieber haircut for the tour… He seems to be done with it…


When I unpack my accordion, Lucille, from her case… Get ready to throw down!
Don’t forget my new album is available on every defunct format…


Here’s what the COOL KIDS are saying…


They’re cool kids because they love all of these defunct formats! So, buy my album!


You’ll love my twin sister, Buffalo Gal, and her group The Fabulous Buffalo Dolls! I’ll be doing a 15 minute Squeezebox solo on their hit “Be My Baby Swiss”!


Come see us on tour!
We will be giving away FREE cassettes of our upcoming singles!
The Rolling Stones will be our opening act on the UK leg of the tour! Mick will be driving our bus, since he knows the neighborhoods and can still see good enough to drive… even though his hearing is shot.


Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 3rd grade class president and The King of Rock N Roll!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


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