Oscar Mania

Unfortunately, me and Gunther were not formally nominated for Academy Awards for our brilliant performances in “Walton-ized By The Waltons”.
Our moron of a manager says, “only one person went to see it!” Me and Gunther have photographic evidence that two people actually saw it…


Me and Gunther are counting on a heavy, last minute write-in vote. We are prepared to accept our Oscar Statuettes viaSkype.


Tune in tonight to see how we do! You won’t believe your ears when you hear my acceptance speech!


It’s always fun when an underdog wins! … Undercats in this case…


Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Peabody and Gunther Tootie, Academy Award winners!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


11 thoughts on “Oscar Mania

    • Lol! The Oscars are really underwhelming… Especially when a wooden actor like Matthew McConaughey is nominated… It also seems like, all of the movies should be in the sci-fi category, since they have nothing to do with life as we know it.

      • After watching the Oscar ceremonies a few times in my 20’s and 30’s, there were better things in life than listening to a bunch of people with egos the size of Montana giving 15 minute speeches that would make an insomniac start to snore. 🙂

      • When I win tonight… My speech will contain the names of every WordPress blog… There are millions of them! Because yours starts with an F… You are pretty close to the top!

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