Dog And Pony Show


All dressed up and nowhere to go…


The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


4 thoughts on “Dog And Pony Show

  1. Oscars were bogus again–as usual. The only thing true to the truth about 12 years as a slave was that there were slaves. I’m not amused that history is once again rewritten. We can’t learn from history if we keep trying to rewrite it. 🙂

    • Hollywood is really spineless… Not to mention, most of the stars are vacant souls. With so much media, I think we see too much of them. Never has so much nothing been put in one place.

      • Scary that people listen to them like they have all the answers. The people other people listen to make their living pretending to be what they’re not. As I said when I watched Plan 9 from Outer Space for the first and last time–“What’s wrong with this picture?”

      • Plan 9 from outer space is truly an awful movie… Kim Kardashian, said in an interview, her job is really hard…with all of the shopping… People don’t understand how hard it is to shop all day…

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