Finger Of Doom part 2

Finger Of Doom!
Chapter 1, Part 2:


“… All dames look like Toots to me…especially dizzy dames. Let’s just chalk it up to private eye intuition, doll-face. What’s shakin’ baby cakes?”
“How did you know my last name is Babycakes and my stage name is Dollface?” She purred in a voice that melted the Snickers bar in my pant’s pocket.
She was staring at my bean burrito with extra cheese and licking her lips… “I’ll start at the beginning, Buffalo Tom…”


” Are you sure it wasn’t a refund from your manicurist?” I said.


“Paws in the air Peabody! You ask a lot of stupid questions for a private dick!”


… What could I do? I knew she would pump me full of lead if I didn’t do as she said… I knew better than to argue with a crazed hoochie coochie dancer…


“… Literally… A NEW woman.” I said. Normally, in a situation like this, I would say figuratively…

Be sure to join me for part 3 of Finger Of Doom!



The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


4 thoughts on “Finger Of Doom part 2

    • Thanks! The burrito seems to have a transforming effect on her. Lol!
      I’m trying to make each part a stand-alone gag. Blog readers don’t seem to care much for serialized stories. 😦 It’s a good thing I don’t look at my wordpress stats… Or I would have called it a day long ago! πŸ™‚

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