Gotta Serve Somebody


The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


10 thoughts on “Gotta Serve Somebody

      • Haha.

        As far as singing, his son Jacob is much better. And fortunately for him doesn’t look like his Daddy!

        I have a Stevie on a Bob Dylan album cover, lol.

      • I saw Bob Dylan documentary… He wrote his songs directly to a typewriter… That’s like doing the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen. What I like best about Bob Dylan is; each line of every song could be another song. Brilliant doesn’t even begin to cover it, when it comes to Bob Dylan.

      • That’s how I write my parodies, haha.

        But mine suck and I don’t edit. It’s stream of consciousness.

      • You do a great job! And you obviously have a terrific memory… Which is very important for stream of consciousness writing. Us blind people have to fill our minds up with so many trivial things like; where did I put the coffee filters… There isn’t much room for much else. 🙂

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