Kitten Kaboodle Greatest Hits 21

The 3 Day Weekend Celebratory Fart…


Make this Memorial Day Weekend truly memorable!


My Kitten Kaboodle rating for this post is… 5 broccoli’s out of 5!
And don’t forget… Coming this summer… The Squeezebox Peabody “I Kissed A Squirrel & I Liked It” World Tour! Featuring the whole gang!


Our caravan is ready to roll!


Hear Squeezebox Buffalo Tom Peabody perform his #1 hit! “I Kissed A Squirrel & I Liked It”


The Fabulous Buffalo Dolls featuring Buffalo Gal Peabody will perform their #2 hit “Be My Baby Swiss”


Singles available now!



Albums also available!



Buffalo Tom Peabody:
*All concert dates are subject to change! If I flunk my 3rd grade final exam and do not matriculate to the 4th grade… I will probably be grounded for the summer!


So… Wish me luck!


Report cards come out on Friday!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


10 thoughts on “Kitten Kaboodle Greatest Hits 21

    • Lol! It is getting to be very embarrassing… My twin sister, Buffalo Gal, will be going into the 7th grade this fall! Everybody says, if I focused as much on my school work as I do on my hijinks, shenanigans and nincompoopery, I’d be a college graduate!
      Mrs. Stits, My teacher, Tried to trick me by asking the extra credit questions on my final exam in French! I answered them in Swedish and Cherokee… My native tongues. Gunther says, “That ought to fix her!”

      • Mrs. Stits! The woman is about to learn a lesson or two. You get your cap and gown ready for the exit of third grade and we’ll hijack that woman and put her on the bus and teach her a thing or two. Us old biddies are gonna win her over with chocolate chip cookies and a jug of moonshine. She’ll be begging for your forgiveness by the time we’ve through with her! We are firm believers in snagging what we want with honey and sugar. When we were younger we tried that vinegar approach. Had to throw that trap out the back door when we learned crows feet had dual meaning.

      • Lol! I will probably post my report card on Friday. There is a rumor going around school that Stits Flunked one student. I’m hoping that it was Virgil Pussel. he’s an even bigger Smart alec than me. He gave Stits a Christmas wreath made from used outhouse corn cobs for Christmas. I’m keeping my fingers crossed until Friday.

      • The girls and I are crossing our arthritic fingers, too, and in the meantime we’re steaming the cap and gown. We already got your shoes shined and buffed.

        I feel ill for poor Virgil.

      • Thanks! I’m feeling pretty confident! We only have half a day of school on Friday. Our e-report cards will be emailed to our parents or guardians that afternoon. My principal, gave me the “thumbs up” when he saw me in the hall this morning. That’s a really good sign!

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