Que Sera Sera

Whatever will be, will be…


Report cards come out tomorrow… I’ve already spent 6 semesters in the third grade.
Tomorrow I will post my report card!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


12 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera

    • Thanks, draliman! I’m really tired of being yelled at by Mrs. Stits. So I’m hoping I pass. I also don’t think I can stand another round of cursive writing. For the first quarter, I get yelled at for using long hand instead of printing. Gunther was put on the honor roll yesterday… So he knows that he passed even before his report card comes out!

    • Lol! Stits says that I am the dumbest kid she ever had in herclass… She also says I’m a juvenile delinquent. The closest she has ever come to complimenting me was when she called me an idiot savant, when I was elected class president…. In a landslide! She also thinks that I am an extremely short, hairy, hillbilly, alien! Sometimes, she spends hours talking about me to the class… While I’m sitting there! I’m surprised that I have not developed a complex. She still calls me Murray… Which has the real Murray very upset… But for some reason she never gets us mixed up when it comes to our grades or our report cards.

      • I had a teacher like that once. She told my mother I needed to flunk kindergarten and be held back a year. My mother said and emphatic NO. The woman died of a brain tumor the next year.

  1. I hope your third level career came with retirement benefits! 🙂 Good luck for tomorrow…I’m eager for the results!

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