Kitten Kaboodle Greatest Hits 22

The Scuba Fart…


You’ll blow them out of the water!


The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


17 thoughts on “Kitten Kaboodle Greatest Hits 22

  1. OMGosh, I almost fell on the floor seeing this! I absolutely love snorkeling, and have never felt any fear by the passing barracuda, stingrays or the groups of jellyfish, but I think my days of feeling free and easy just ‘blew up’ in my face. LOL

      • Well, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve had to tinkle a time or two. I hope I didn’t overly fertilizer the area. It’s just that I’d had a few beers, the sun was hot, some nice looking fisherman were bringing in the days catch and, well, I just couldn’t excuse myself and miss out on the beauty of those gorgeous fishermen…I mean fish…so, secure in my snorkel gear and vest, I briefly warmed the waters of the Rivera Maya.

      • Lol! Fish and sea mammals pee in there all of the time… It’s part of the ecology… 🙂 Me and Gunther bury our poops on the beach. We pretend we’re pirates and we call it our buried treasure. It’s fun to come back later And see our poops in somebody’s sandcastle!

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