Fashion Sensible Saturday: 1953

The world’s first Super Group… 


Great Moments In Music History!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


7 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible Saturday: 1953

  1. Tom, I thank God you’re in this crazy world. You make sense amidst the mayhem in life. Here, have these hugs … O … {} … I wish I had the real lowdown on this cyber-language, gismo. I’m not trying to be indecent. I left the X part off of it because I’m ancient and don’t infringe upon unknown territory, but mainly because I’m not a ‘Cougar’ and also, I’m not into poligamy. 😉

    • Hahahahahahaha! And hugs right back to you! I don’t understand the cyber lingo either. I usually have to google most of the abbreviations… And the definitions don’t make much sense either. I do like ‘lol’… Which used to mean ladies of the library Or librarians… I only use it when I, do in fact, laugh out loud… In respect to our dear librarians. I think the cyber world needs more librarians!

      • LOL…thoughts of strict librarians wearing horn-rimmed glasses dance through my head. The Sisters are right behind them with their rulers, whipping me into shape, as I have failed to listen to the stern, “Shush! Be quiet you heathen, and stop shuffling the card catalog or I’ll rearrange your Dewey Decimals!”

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