The Big Head Theory 1

Welcome to my authoritative new series… Because, it takes one to know one!


Is it funny… Or cause for concern?


Sure, his patronizing, condescending, superior attitude is annoying and unlikable…


But the merchandising opportunities are endless!

(Next time: Why don’t people with extremely large heads topple over?)

It’s The Big Head Theory!
Only on Buffalo Tom Peabody’s blog!

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19 thoughts on “The Big Head Theory 1

    • Hahaha! Good one! The Big Bang Theory is interesting as far as television programs go… I think it’s the only TV program where we laugh at people who are not unlike their real-life counterparts. Its intent is actually pretty mean spirited. Sheldon Cooper captures the narcissistic Nerd perfectly.

  1. Are you suggesting the world will end by its big head toppling over? (Boy, I guess you could take that a number of ways – couldn’t you!?)

    • Hahahahaha! I think the creepy nerd issue is interesting. On the Big Bang Theory… Creepy nerds are entertaining and make me laugh… In real life… They are very very very very irritating. I think what I’m trying to say is, from a distance creepy nerds are funny But when you know them It’s not funny At all.

  2. I can concur, with one exception; my nephew is operating from another dimension, but I am extremely mesmerized by his uncanny ability to untangle the most obscure laws of nature. He will get caught up in the details, but once we get him operating in our ordinary worlds, we are amazed at how efficient his processing is.

    I want a Buffalo Tom Peabody bobble head, and a Gal Peabody, a Gunther, and a Tootie. Heck, I also want a Mrs. Stit’s dart board.

    We need an angel investor. ASAP! These things will be flying off the shelves. Got to get these to market. Christmas season is fast approaching.

    • You are just like me! I am constantly marketing I believe that every person is always looking for something to buy! If Ron Popeil can sell anything… So can I! My ideas are better than a salad shooter Or the BeDazzler! Not to mention his chicken roaster Fiasco!

      • LOL! Oh you, Shamu! :). My oldest daughters favorite t.v. shows consisted of the latest “spiel”… I forever heard her calling me into the room, “Look Mom! We need one if these.” She actually gave her dad those Shamu (sp) cloths for Christmas one year.

      • Hahahahaha! I noticed that Walmart is now selling the ShamWow as an impulse item in the checkout lanes. When I saw it, I turned it to my fellow shoppers and said “Wow! U can get everything at Walmart!”

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