School Daze


As most of you know, in June, I finally passed the third grade and will enter the fourth grade next semester! Well, today in the morning mail, I got my school yearbook!
Here are the pictures of me that were in it!


These are some of my schoolmates. I’m standing between my good buddy Tarquin Shlotsky and Emily Plup, she’s one of my girlfriends and Emily’s mom owns and operates our local pet store!


This picture was in the section titled…”Sweet Times at Sweet Home Elementary” It’s a picture of me and another one of my girlfriends, Kimi Lubanowski. Her dad is Dr. Lubanowski, my Critter Doctor. Kimi is a Hello Kitty fan. We are standing in front of our lockers just before a surprise locker inspection! That’s where the teachers inspect our lockers for contraband… Like gummy bears, bubble gum, comic books and anything else that might bring joy to children.
Hey! Let me ask you this… Does my Lakers uniform make my butt look fat?


My picture on the 3rd grade class page is great big because I was the class president. It is also suitable for framing!


I will close with a photo of my old, and I do mean OLD, 3rd grade teacher giving me the old stink eye!
Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 4th grader!


(My butt does NOT look fat in this uniform.)

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


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