Life Coach 1

There are so many people on social media posting “affirmations” and telling me how to live my life, especially on Facebook… It’s a real “crazy train” over there! So I decided to have a t-shirt printed up and become an expert myself!


Never get on a crazy train.

Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 4th grader and Life Coach

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


6 thoughts on “Life Coach 1

    • That photo was taken in Los Angeles in the late forties. The train missed the switch to return it to the garage… Then it ran out of track. 😦
      It seems like everyone on Facebook is either a theologian, psychologist, Philosopher or life coach. Oh and don’t forget those expert political analysts! All of them moonlighting, of course, from whatever it is they do during the day. Sometimes they post so many of these affirmations that they begin to contradict themselves.

      Sorry about the avalanche of likes. My version of the WordPress app has been a mess for months. If I like a post that I read in the app… For some goofy reason the like does not register on the post but it does in the app. But the app is the best place to read posts. So when I discovered this I had to go to the post through my browser and click the Like button in order for it to register. Going back and forth uses a ton of mobile data. 😦 So I just like things in batches. It’s a pain in the neck. I’m sure they will eventually fix it. I hope anyway.

      • No problem Tom, I wasn’t complaining about the likes – believe me!! I take it no one was hurt when that train did its balancing act? And forget me and facebook, I just read 2 more very bad mishaps that happened to people because of that site – be very careful! 🙄

      • No one was hurt on the train, it was just the engine. Apparently getting into the Los Angeles rail yard is tricky business. This mishap was literally the end of the line. 🙂

  1. I can’t do FaceBook. My life is a train wreck in the making. Dysfunction is a family name and reacting to it is our hobby. I offer advice, but I’m generally just talking to myself in hopes of discovering which family tree splintered off first from sense and sensibility.

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