At The Beach 11

It pays to mix and mingle at the pool…


I hope she doesn’t double cross me for a suitcase full of money!


Fashion Sensible!

When you’re not enjoying my blog… Why not enjoy a Buffalo Tom Peabody Chia Pet!
Ch-Ch-Ch Chia!


Bean sprouts!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


15 thoughts on “At The Beach 11

  1. I found an old bathing suit in a box of stuff hidden in a corner of the attic for decades. They were made in the late 50’s or early 60’s. They were works of art with built in bra and made to last. The swimsuits today could roll up in a wad in one hand and last about as long as the summer.

    • Earlier in the summer I did a beach post and came across some interesting fashion photos. Several, from the 1950’s, had several different ladies swimsuits in one photo, all different and all very attractive. I know absolutely nothing about fashion but this looked really nice to me.

      • I used to have a friend who responded to all of life’s disappointments in this way, “What do you expect? We live in a toilet!” She didn’t actually believe that but it always made me laugh right out loud! I told her, “Flush your toilet once in a while!”… I miss her…

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  3. Do the Chia pets come with a complimentary plunger? LOL! I’m really enjoying all your beach posts! 🙂

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