Free Hugs 1

Some people just don’t get enough love…                                    


They’re clenched and constipated… They need a hug!
Hug The Kitty!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody


24 thoughts on “Free Hugs 1

    • Another thing, Juls. Wish me luck, I have to do my annual Android replacement next week! I really have not liked my LG Showtime. Or as I call it “the crash master data magnet”. I really liked my first LG. It was a 2.1. This one is ice cream sandwich, I think. I just hope there have been some major improvements in Android over the last 13 months.

      • I am so disappointed with this LG, that I don’t know if I want another LG. I’m stuck with the phones offered by my cell provider and what the retailer chooses to carry. It seems like their premium phone choice is always LG. Tomorrow I will check out the websites… and find out what my carrier is offering before I shop on Tuesday.

      • Are you stuck with the same carrier? If you contract is up does that not mean you have the option to move?
        My phone at the minute is the Motorola Moto G, it’s a budget phone but it’s really good. Very responsive and good browsing. Think it is as 4.5 inch screen. I was never a fan of LG phones, but I am sure there are some decent ones.

      • Good point about my carrier. One of their issues is depending on your Android choice Your network will change. My 1st LG used a different network. I use the network that everyone else in America hates. I loved it! Never had a problem with them. My current LG uses the network everyone in America loves. I’ve never had a good day with these people.
        Another thing, My current lG has never received a software update. My old LG Received frequent updates That always improved it’s performance. I’m pretty sure some of my issues are with my network. This Android. has always been slow whether using the network or WiFi. And I do mean slow. I don’t store a lot of data on my phone, I use cloud storage. I am constantly clearing cache, junk cache and rebooting this phone. If I ever clicked on something, including the keyboard, and it responded right away… I would probably faint dead away. 🙂

      • If it was me I’d go for the S4. Nice phone, big clear screen and very responsive, plus its the younger of the two so will get updates longer. A couple of my friends have it and love them.

      • Thanks, Juls! It’s a bit pricey but I think I will. The reviews for both are good. The CPU in my present Android is failing fast. 😦 I’ll be picking up my new one today! Thanks again!

      • Hi, Juls! I’m pretty much set up and got my carrier to switch my old number to my new galaxy! I didn’t think it was going to happen for a while there! I really like the galaxy s 4! It will definitely take me some time to get used to it. Because of the TTS improvements the interface is much different for that. For some reason my old LG must have corrupted my sd card because when I put it in the galaxy it would not recognize it. 😦 that will be a big pain. 😦 but I’m glad to have my carrier straightened out and all that other jazz so I won’t complain too much! You were absolutely right about the galaxy s4! Thank you!

  1. The Beatles had hair an inch longer than a regular hair cut and they were called “long hairs.” In the 70’s the sideburns were HUGE an men had hair down to their waists. Isn’t it amazing what a difference 10 years makes? 🙂

  2. That man with the microphone has a neck like people in my webisodes often do. That is to say he doesn’t have one. But he’s real, poor guy.

    • Lol! This is an early version of the Tea Party… “Smaller government!… But we want the government to measure the length of everyone’s hair!… We want the government to throw out everyone that makes us feel icky!… Smaller government!… We’re the Tea Party!”
      We really need to spend more money on education. 🙂

  3. I like that cat’s attitude! Imagine what those folks would think about General Custer! Times change, some people accept it, some people get hot and bothered. I’d save anger for moral matters, not hair and other fashions, myself.

    • I agree completely. Picking battles is a big part of life, seems like this bunch is being intellectually dishonest or they really don’t know what they’re angry with. Some people are just angry. Thanks for checking out my post!

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