Strange Things Happening

Howdy Peeps!


As most of you know, I use an Android Device for the visually impaired. My old device has suffered a serious setback… So serious that it is no longer with us. I’m not sorry to see it go… It was pretty crappy. I have replaced it with a new device… And I’m going to have to learn how to work it! This new device has a much tougher learning curve.
I’m also having some difficulties with my carrier switching my service from my old device to my new one. It also looks like all of my saved data will have to be reinstalled. So… I don’t know when I’ll be back.


Believe you me, I’m working feverishly on this.
I hope to be back soon!

Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 4th grader and Samsung Galaxy 4s owner!


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39 thoughts on “Strange Things Happening

  1. I’m sincerely wishing you success, and speed of conversion. I don’t envy you. You remind me of myself when I switched from a PC to an iMac. I was lost for months, but I am so thankful to everyone who was patient and willing to lend me their ear, one or two of their hands and all of the knowledge my limited brainpower could handle. May “The Force Be With You!” …. I hope to see you return in a cat’s meow.

    • Thanks! I’m still using my old Android with the fast failing CPU. My carrier says they can switch my service today. Hopefully. This happens every time I switch androids. Usually it doesn’t take this long but somehow the computer has forgotten Who I am. They never forget to bill me, though. My new Android will be a giant leap forward! The TTS alone is so much better. This should make it possible for me to do a lot more things.

      You are so right about people helping! Especially my blogging friends. Juls Has been helping me all along! She is brilliant and a truly lovely person!

      You and all of my Blogging friends really inspire me!

      • You inspire us! My mother was legally blind by her early fifties. The advances technology has allowed the visually and hearing impaired are amazing! I’m so happy for you. You bring joy with every post you share. Hugs to you, sincere and true. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, so much! I really need that tonight… My carrier is not able to activate my new Android. Apparently the serial number has been corrupted for my new phone. This makes it impossible to activate. So I must return it for a new one. The customer service representative that was helping me has screwed up my account so I am now paying for two phones! I may lose my old phone number. Losing my phone number will create huge problems for me when I sign into my accounts again. For security reasons my accounts are fixed to my phone number. To change these security settings usually requires visual robot tests… My vision is so low and distorted I cannot pass these tests. When I initially set up my first Android it took me months to get past these barriers. The frustration was almost intolerable.

        I will stay positive and exchange my phone tomorrow and then deal with my carrier who doesn’t seem to care. I won’t throw in the towel… Until I have to. πŸ™‚

      • Don’t allow them to use a scare tactic to make something easier for them. Changing your phone number should not be necessary, we were assured that we could keep our phone numbers even when moving to new carriers by passage of communication law(s) that occurred a few years back. It appears that there is either miscommunication between departments or a CSR that does not fully understand rules and regulations of company policies.

        Once upon a time, I worked for GTE, the company that was purchased and became part of Verizon. Tom, try to breathe deep and enjoy a good night’s rest. In the morning, contact your carrier and ask that your call be escalated to a supervisor. It may take a bit of time, and maybe a call-back, but don’t settle for an excuse and be kind, but assertive in a positive and courteous manner, detailing the numerous concerns that this challenge presents.

        Personally, I find it difficult to understand how the serial number could be corrupted by the device. It appears more likely that a software issue has “created” a glitch. That problem may require a technical expertise that a CSR and, or, a supervisor is not able to handle, but someone within technical services should/would have the skills to correct, using code.

        Don’t back down, don’t give up, just keep your positive vibe and escalate until the convoluted array of problems have been sorted out and corrected. It should not be the concern of the customer (you) to train an organization in true customer service, but unfortunately we live in a day and time where some people are either ill informed or inexperienced at their job duties. At the same time, there are also (thankfully) many who are most willing to go that extra mile to help their customer. I’m going to believe that you will fall into the hands of those when you make your contact(s) tomorrow.

      • Thanks! I’m trying. The process for setting up my new phone should have been dialing a number entering my new phone’s serial number and waiting A few moments for the change to occur. I’ve done this in the past without a hitch. This time, as soon as I entered the serial number for my new phone a customer service representative came on the line. She said there was an error message for this serial number and I would have to take a ticket number and call back in 24 hours for the problem to be resolved. Which I did. When I called back after 24 hours I was told that I could not switch my number until I called them back from another telephone. Which I did. They took all of my old phone information and my new phone information and said that my old phone would be disconnected and my new phone would be activated. With my old phone number. My new phone never activated and my old phone never shut off. I waited two hours for the activation switch to occur and then call them back. She wanted to give me another ticket number and have me wait another 24 hours and call them back. She then told me that she could activate my new Android as a separate account and cancel my old account providing me with a new phone number. I was told this would be my only option to activate my new phone. After opening a new account for my new Android it still would not activate. After testing it was decided that the phone must be defective. Or the serial number has been flagged for some reason preventing it from activation. The serial number is part of the scanning process when the phone is purchased at a retailer. If it is not scanned by a retailer it cannot be activated because it will be considered stolen. My new phone, of course, was scammed. The customer service representative said that there could have been a problem somewhere in that process.

        So I have two phones one that is failing fast with an account that will expire in about 20 days. I have another account for a new Android that will not activate. So, I was told to return the phone that will not activate and get a replacement.

        After I get my new replacement phone today… Rather than go through the normal activation process, I will call my carrier and ask to speak to a supervisor or have A supervisor give me a call back to resolve all of my issues in this matter. I really need to keep my old number.
        You have really helped me out and calmed me down.

      • God bless you, Tom. What a frigging nightmare! With your failing phone…you still have your old number, right? Hopefully, paperwork is ‘on hold’ and no one cancels that precious number and service is disconnected before the old phone fails. Attempting to retrieve it will require an escalation beyond a CSR and the supervisor at the call center. (“In the olden days” numbers were put in a “hold” pattern and not recycled immediately. I would think the same would still hold true.)

        Please do not hesitate to plead mercy if you need to escalate your request. There are individuals that write code and correct flaws and glitches, morning, noon and night. Having to explain the necessity of keeping your old number may appear redundant and unimportant to a CSR or their supervisor, but let us believe that they are skilled and trained to understand and appreciate your need, working to insure that the process going forward is handled as efficiently and as expeditiously as possible.

        If you fall in between the cracks, and find that you are up that creek without a paddle, please try to give me a shout out. I have no secret powers, and long gone from the world of knowing someone, that might know someone, but I would feel blessed to assist in any way that I can. I love researching and will data mine until the cow comes home.

      • A great thing happened! Around noon today I Remembered that my carrier has a Facebook page. I’ve been following it for years. And they were always very helpful with people’s problems on the page. They even had several open forums where people could bring their complaints and questions. Oh I sent them a message explaining my problem. Within 5 minutes I had a Response! I supplied tech support with all of the information they needed… It took quite a few messages back and forth for us both to get on the same page. She told me to go ahead and return my damaged galaxy and get a new one. She spent the afternoon getting into the system and correcting the errors associated with my phone number! She says I can now use the automated service to switch my phone number to my new galaxy And all the rest of the things I need to do. I’m exhausted so I won’t be doing this until tomorrow. She said that will be fine and if there are any problems or hitches to give her a message back. She has been really helpful. She worked on this all day! So, hopefully tomorrow I will get my phone number switched to my new galaxy. Also the retailer where I bought the galaxy that would not activate… They couldn’t have been nicer. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!

      • Yahoo! And I don’t want to forget to thank you for your support! That definitely means the world to me to know that somebody cares! As Helen Keller said,” I don’t mind walking in the dark if I’m walking with a friend.” It makes all the difference! Thank you!

      • Everything has been taken care of! It finally took the head of tech support to do it her name is Daisy . I will have to clear up a few more things with my account to make sure all of that is correct but that will be easy. This new android galaxy is really something! The TTS is light years ahead of my old one. It will take me awhile to figure all of this out. My old Android messed up my SD card… So I will have to reload all of my photos and other junk from the cloud. That will take some time. I’m just glad to be back.

      • It’s so nice to see things are working out, I felt the panic earlier this week when you were trying to juggle the mayhem. So glad to know you’re pleased with your new Android, too. I’m lagging behind the rest of the world with a phone working off a 3G network. I try to use my iPad or iMac whenever I’m home bound, but on my recent trip to Arkansas I was frustrated whenever a wi-fi connection was not available. My contract with my provider is up in December and I’m determined to go without a contract commitment. I say this, but then remind myself that I keep a family member on my plan, out-of-state, and they live in an area of spotty service.

        It’s so much fun thinking of all the possibilities out there, but then there is also that lovely transition that causes the hair on the back of my neck to rise…as you know only too well, yourself. Ugh! ;).

        Hope the cloud is kind to you. I think of all my photo’s that reside on two dead PC’s that sit out in the garage, and I panic and sweat. I really should take those hard drives to a reputable source and have them captured. Oh Tom, too much to think about. Isn’t it fun? All this technology and too much to keep up with! Danged if we do, AND danged if we don’t.

        Enjoy a great weekend, and welcome back into the world of cyber reality. I hope the ride forward is smooth. πŸ™‚

      • I’m glad that I’m not panicking anymore. The transition to this better Android is going to take me some time. I always save all of my photos and data to the cloud so losing my photos is not really a big deal I just have to download them and organize them again. My previous androidcrowd crashed so frequently that I have really organized my cloud storage perfectly. Still having a problem with that double clicking.
        g. The tech support person that helped me today was authorized to access accounts and everything else. She was able to completely recreate my account. As you can see I’m having some trouble with the T TS keyboard.

      • Oh, just last night I wrote a new post to my blog from my iPad for the first time. I was in SCREAM mode at the finale!!!!!!! I FEEL your pain. Yeow!

  2. Technology is the modern hell! Be patient, my friend. We’ll all do the same! Much love and naked hugs! πŸ™‚ BTW: I hate it when the caption apps refuse to cooperate or else repeat an irrelevant statement endlessly!

    • Thanks, Roger! While I’m waiting for my service to be switched, I’m still using my old Android… The CPU is just about gone so it’s basically useless. I can only open a few apps, wordPress is one. It is malfunctioning Wildly! Sometimes funny… Sometimes horrifying…

  3. You can do it Peabody!! We have all the confidence in the world that you will never leave the rest of us “mentally challenged” out here to fend for ourselves. Best of luck, buddy!!

    • Thanks! One of the remaining functions on my old Android while I’m waiting for my service to be switched is answering comments in WordPress. My failing CPU will not process Facebook or Twitter! As it turns out… That’s a good thing! Lol! Actually, I’m not sure that my replies to these comments in WordPress are actually being published. …I can’t go to my blog page.

      My new Android is much better than this one. They have made a lot of Android progress in 14 months! The TTS is light years better! I’ve been messing about with my new Android even though it isn’t activated yet!

  4. Well that trainwreck could have been worse, I suppose. You didn’t have any hazardous material in the kitchen cart did ya?

    • Lol! So far so good! This galaxy s4 is light years ahead of my old LG! It will take me some time to get used to all of these great features! Not to mention all of my apps will now be a different version offering different features that I’m totally unfamiliar with. The learning curve might be a little tough.

      • That’s cool. Well Im sure you can do it. I somehow advanced from completely raw photo shopper to passable if you squint at it sideways inside of a year! So if I can do that great, you can!

  5. That was a lot of problemsyou were having right there, hopefully everything is getting resolved. Download Facebook messenger or WhatsApp and if you’re stuck you can shoot me a message. Hopefully all the pain will be worth it.

    • Hi Juls! The problems with my carrier were the absolute worst. But my carrier has a Facebook page which has tech support. They were really really good and resolved all of my technical issues of transferring my old phone number to my new Android. She kept me notified through facebook messages as she was correcting all of the problems and then she sent me a message that said ok you are switched as of this moment! πŸ™‚ and it was! Needless to say, through all of this, my account got really messed up. So, I spent yesterday afternoon getting my account squared away. So my only challenge now is mastering this new Galaxy s4. the TTS is light years ahead of my old Android. Jelly Bean has some formatting changes that I will have to get used to… And most of my apps have new features that were unavailable on Ice Cream Sandwich. I also discovered that some of the apps that I used to like her not available on jelly bean. So I will have to dig up some newer replacements for them. I actually enjoyed most of this except the frustration with my carrier.

      The Google + data restore feature did not work very well this go round. I had to manually restore most of my apps and their settings. At first my sd card was not recognized by my new galaxy. I really was dreading the thought of reloading all of my photos and everything else that was on it. I felt like I had nothing to lose so I took the back off of my phone and push the SD card in and out in and out in and out until it started scanning it! It worked and recognized all of my data on my micro sd card! πŸ™‚ I backup everything to cloud storage but it is still a huge pain to restore all of that stuff and reorganize it.
      One bright side to all of this is, whenever I have a challenge it seems like I always make some new friends through the process. I’m glad I took your advice and got the S 4 instead of the s3 because I can tell that it has a lot of new features that will be really helpful to me… Once I figure them out. πŸ™‚ many thanks!

    • Thanks! And thanks for reblogging! I’m pretty much over the hard part. Muscle memory is a big deal to blind people, a lot of our movements especially with different assistive devices and touch screens depends on muscle memory and the speed of the device. My old Android was slow compared to my new one so I have to get my muscle memory in sync with the new devices faster speed.

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