Fashion Sensible: Timeless

Lauren Bacall


Robin Williams


Thank you for stepping out of the ordinary!



The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


13 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible: Timeless

      • Thanks, I don’t think you’ve missed anything, this is my first post since the big incident. I’m really enjoying my new Android. It’s so fast I feel like I’m on fire! It also handles photos much better with higher quality. So I’ll have to brush up my photo shopping game. 🙂 these Android touchscreens create muscle memory. This new Android is so fast that my old muscle memory is too slow. The TTS on my new Android is so fast, its really amazing! My old Android would listen to my spoken text check it on the internet and then type it, which took forever. This new Android types as fast as I speak. And it more closely types what I actually said. 🙂 my old Android often hallucinated while I was speaking. Many of her hallucinations were XXX rated. There is a large tutorial that goes with this new TTS, it will take me a long time to study it and even longer to get close to mastering it.

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