I’m Your Puppet


Big Dummy

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


20 thoughts on “I’m Your Puppet

      • Best way to go! Have you ever heard of the blind cat rescue? One of my cats, Gabby, suffers from low vision. This led me to do some online research, which is where I found the blind cat rescue. I follow them on their Facebook page. They also have a regular website.

      • I haven’t! Thanks for letting me know. I will definitely check into them. Currently our town allows three cats and two dogs per home under City ordinances. Probably a wise thing for folks like me. I swear, if I ever came into money I would open a rescue center, complete with spay and neuter, vaccination programs. All four of my best friends are responsible for rescuing me. I owe them my life. 🙂

      • I agree. I do have an issue with licensing pets, I feel like the sales tax revenue from their food and other items, more than covers the expense of licensing. It shouldn’t be hard for people who love animals to keep them. If the tax revenue from pet items was not thrown into the general fund but kept separate, there would be plenty for local animal control and shelters. I have a feeling, there would be an embarrassment of tax riches.

      • I have never thought of that, but your right! Instead, the Politicols turn a blind eye to the horrors that many unwanted animals face. Another item are these puppy mills. Sadly I saw first hand what becomes of pedigree dogs that don’t meet standards. My father was a breeder of sporting dogs. If a litter was born and the pups were under par, they were placed in a gunny sack and carted somewhere.

        My Lab was someone’s ‘disappointment.’ She does not meet standard. She’s a yellow Lab, pink nosed, shorter ears and her otter-style tail curves. I am beyond blest by this wondrous and beautiful dog. Her demeanor is pure Lab, gentle, kind and attentive. The first time she saw water she ran like the wind and instinctively took to swimming. Retrieve? She wears me out. I need an automated pitch machine for this girl. The only habit I cannot control is her fear of men. She doesn’t cower, but growls and advances. I can restrain her and calm her, but her behavior has convinced me that she experienced mistreatment by a male. However, she adores my husband, son-in-law and nephews and absolutely cherishes children. Every day I give thanks for this girl. I’m the lucky one. She rescued me.

  1. Poor Gunther doesn’t seem to know what the heck to make of the situation with that puppet – BUT YOU should be celebrating!! Congrats!!! What a milestone, I’m not even close to 1000!

    • Thanks! I never check my stats so everything is a surprise to me. I guess I was taken aback because I didn’t think I had that many things to say. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’ve said anything profound, but even idle chatter has its limits.

  2. Your 1,000th? A milestone! Let’s “bronze” Gunther Tootie! Congratulations! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

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