At The Beach 12

The real Joy-zee Goylz…


Fashion sensible matching 2 piece swimsuits!
Hey! These two tried to beat me and Gunther up when we took their picture!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


33 thoughts on “At The Beach 12

    • Lol! Veronica, the one with the bouffant hairdo, called me a “pussy” and called Gunther a “pip squeak”! So we yelled back at them, “duh”! That’s when Mary Margaret, the one with the long hair, said she was going to beat our asses! So, that’s when me and Gunther pulled their hair and called them Godzilla and the Creature from the Black Lagoon! Then the two of them started yelling stuff at us in a Jersey accent! So we ran away! We went back and got their autographs!

  1. Judging from the looks of those two, they might have won! LOL! Be advised: the hair alone offers them an advantage! Look out: only eight lives left! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

  2. You didn’t accidentally refer to one of them as Snookie, did you? Cuz, I bees honest, that would have sent my hornets flying.
    I wonder, did those gals find those suits as Kresges, or Woolworths?
    P.S. They look a bit disappointed over something. You best clear the area, handsome. Go down the beach and find a mermaid.

    • Lol! Theres a rumor going around that Veronica’s ex husband “sleeps with the fishes”! Mary Margaret says, “he might as well sleep with the fishes he’s already slept with everyone else”! Gunther says that their uncooth.

    • Lol! They first got mad at me and Gunther when we were judging the Beach Babes Beauty Contest… During the question and answer “poise” section of the contest, Gunther asked Veronica what she would do with the prize money if she won the beauty contest and she answered , “I’m gonna get a boob job and a tattoo”!

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