Back To School

Actually, Sweet Home Elementary School doesn’t start back until next week! Lucky me! After six semesters in the 3rd grade, I will be entering the 4th grade! Yahoo!

The Dean at the Sweet Home Community College asked me to give a lecture to the Computer Science/Information Technology class today… Since I am the only one he knows that has had a blog up and running for more than a few weeks. 🙂


The students seem like a bright bunch… Just what we need, more internet porn!

Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 4th grader and Guest Lecturer!


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


23 thoughts on “Back To School

      • Lord help us! She’ll haunt the halls of Fourth Grade. I’m headed over to the jailhouse to pay his bail, collect his passport and reunite the two of them. Come trial time I guess I’ll hire the remaining crew from O.J.’s defense team…

    • Lol! Hey,, Juls! I like my galaxy s4 so much that I also got a tablet… A Samsung Tab S – 10 inch. Do you remember giving me some advice about tablets about a year ago? I figure, using the tablet will extend the life of my Android phone, essentially if the tablet extends the life of my phone by another year… The tablet is paying for itself! I’m using the tablet for all of the time consuming things that I do. I really like it! I have configured it very closely to my cell phone. So the learning curve is minimal. The tablets extra features are also very welcome. I’m so glad and thank you for suggesting a tablet to me!

      • You’re welcome, I’m glad you made the jump to a tablet as well, hopefully the bigger screen will afford you a bit more freedom. Sometimes my mind of useless information comes in handy, you know you only have to ask if anything crops up 🙂 x

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