So many passwords … So little time…

The 9 Lives of Buffalo Tom Peabody


12 thoughts on “Security

  1. What I dislike is how easy your web surfing shows up for ads when you go to other websites. If you look for something at Sears, there’s an ad for it the next time you go on another website. Creepy.

      • I’m still using the same cell phone my daughter gave me 10 years ago. I also use startpage, but there are times when I miss putting it back to startpage and end up with Google. That’s where I run into trouble.

      • One of the best things about Android is the lack of advertising. I like pushing and clicking buttons wherever I go on the internet. 🙂 so I figure, no matter what kind of tracking they do with me, they can’t figure anything out cause I’m all over the place.

    • Lol! I get the biggest kick out of all of the permissions from Google. Every time they introduce a new product in you sign up for it… Google turns off all of the privacy settings on all of your other Google accounts… If you don’t change them and check them right after signing up for the new product. 😦 LinkedIn from Google is a real horror story…. Tracking the precise location of your business associates…

  2. I’m changing the channel so I can watch ‘snow’ and listen to that buzz-hum. The Hackers must really be impressed if they’re hanging around my corner. Food recipes and organic gardening. I’ll probably win an award from the NSA, or be blackballed by Mrs. Stit’s.

    • Lol! Imagine this, people on Facebook are terrified that their account will be hacked! Some people on Facebook are afraid to put up a profile picture because they think the government is using facial identity to target them! Facebook paranoia is a laugh riot! And still… They can’t help posting their deepest darkest secrets. 🙂

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