First Days

Today was my first day in the 4th grade! I’ve waited six semesters for this day! As you know my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Stits, kept me in the 3rd grade for 3 years! She didn’t like me and she kept calling me Murray… Which made the real Murray very nervous. It didn’t help matters much when I was elected 3rd grade class president for my final two semesters! Or as Mrs Stits refers to my presidential win …”The day she died inside.” Emotional blackmail is one of her strong suits!


I really like first days! I like to meet new people and I really like making new friends! Adventure! Adventure! Adventure! That’s the name of the game!
My new teacher, Mr Busby, is also the Principal of Sweet Home Elementary School. SWEET!


I can tell that Mr Busby really likes all of us kids and it’s going to be a great year filled with all kinds of adventures!

Well, me and Gunther have a ton of homework to do… Oh, I forgot to tell you that Gunther has Mrs Stits this year… But me and Mr Busby will be looking out for him!

Sincerely Yours,
Buffalo Tom Peabody, 4th grader… At last!


The 9 Lives of Buffalo Tom Peabody


27 thoughts on “First Days

  1. I don’t recommend wearing that yellow T-shirt to school. I don’t think it will get you any points! LOL! Have fun and get your homework finished! Good luck! πŸ™‚

  2. First days are awesome, and if you are as lucky as I was, the Fourth grade will be the greatest year of your life! I had my second eye surgery during that year. My teacher, Mrs. Cunningham, refused to let me become discouraged. She had each of my classmates write me a letter, but not just any kind of letter. They had to write and share a story about their own life. Their gift was two-fold. It encouraged me to look forward and not to concentrate on my fears about my eyesight, and it also gave me an assignment during my weeks or recuperations. I wrote each of my classmates a thank you note for sharing.

    Some teachers are absolutely brilliant. Best wishes to Mr. Busby, and to you, Tom!

    P.S. I know that shirt won’t fit Gunther, but maybe you should give it to him as a gift for Mrs. Stit’s. I was hoping she would have retired so Gunther wouldn’t have had to endure her dislike of teaching felines. (I suspect she is secretly jealous that she doesn’t get nine lives.)

    • I love that! Thank you for your story! I’ve been preparing this post for quite some time, during that time I got carried away with all of the great stories about great elementary school teachers! The gentleman pictured in my story, is a real 4th grade teacher in New York!

      After all of this reading, I was left with the feeling that our children are in really good hands, especially in elementary school. It sounds like all of the teachers spend their own money to make up for budget shortfalls in their schools. My take away from that is, our teachers care more about our children than our communities do! Parents love their children but they allow tightwads in government to abuse them with budget cuts. I honor and salute our teachers and the teachers union! Keep up the good fight!

      • This summer I was standing in line at a checkout, the lady in front of me had two large cartons of colored folders. The cashier was ringing them up one at a time. Strange I thought, but perhaps it had something to do with color and inventory. At one point the question was asked, “Why are you purchasing so many folders?” Her reply, “I’m a teacher.”

        I live in Texas. I wish I could brag about our schools. Sadly, we rank number 49th in the Nation. We fund part of our system thru lottery sales and cigarette taxes. We rob wealthy districts to support disadvantaged ones. Fine and dandy, but it is a system so poorly misguided that it’s a joke.
        You should see our high school football stadiums, though. Friday nights there’s a revival of spirits under the game lights. Let there be football, and so football is our mantra.
        But let’s get back to our classrooms. We are hurting, seriously hurting for dedicated and fully educated teachers. Many classrooms are handed over to uncertified and unqualified assistants. Texas needs a major overhaul, but I see nothing upon the horizon. We are burdened with a massive influx of illegals and we are ill prepared to educate, feed, cloth and house them. I can think of a great number of ways our State and Federal leaders could begin to address this issue. But they work solely for themselves and not for those of us that have voted them into office. I believe it’s our duty to reform them since they have no clue that they are the problem. Come Election Day, I will be ready, list in hand, to toss out any one that has failed to assist the needs of this Nation.

        Education is Priority One! Without it we are doomed to repeat history. With it, we can advance and get this country back on track. No select few can do this, we must all accept this challenge, it will take everyone to create a new dynamic.

        Terrorism and threats of it are shoved in our faces daily. Yes, I have no doubt those treats are real, but I’m not willing to fall victim to fear-mongering. We have a ton of work to do, because those in Washington have wasted our time and our dollars. We don’t need them to tell us where we’re going, because hell is not on my agenda or anyone else’s. Stand up and report for duty. Place education at the forefront of change. It is the catalyst that will drive us forward and challenge us to reshape our destiny. And it desperately needs an overhaul, but it requires a commitment to excellence. I’m sure we are capable and I know we are more than ready.

        Thanks for allowing me to vent, Tom. Education is our only way out of the wasteland.

      • I agree with you. The Pentagon gets way too much money that is unaccounted for. Isn’t it supposed to be shameful to get rich while serving in government? Sort of negates the “serving”part.

  3. Mr Busby looks like a cool dude, but I’m sorry to hear that Gunther has Mrs Stits 😦 She’s still in the picture, then. I bet you can pass on lots of hints and tips on how to deal with her, though.

    • Mr Busby is great! He really loves teaching and likes kids.
      Gunther says that he is going to keep a low profile in old lady Stits’ class but he plans on running for third grade class president! She has already warned him not to get up to any Buffalo Tom Peabody hi jinks and shenanigans! She will be a real terror because her boyfriend is in jail for stealing chap sticks at Walmart!

      Mr Busby is taking Mr Drudge’s place as principal and 4th grade teacher. Principal Drudge was very nice but he had to move. I don’t think new principal Busby will let old lady Stits get away with anything. Even though she can find a million little ways to make a kid’s life miserable.

  4. I remember it like it was yesterday – 4th Grade and I knew (haha) for a fact (double – hahah) that I was smartest kid alive – I now knew EVERYTHING!!

    • Lol! Those were the days! I even remember the day when it dawned on me that I really don’t know anything. That was also the day that other people suddenly started becoming much more interesting to me! πŸ™‚

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