Fashion Senseless: Fame Is Fleeting


Put something away…
For a rainy day!



The 9 Lives of Buffalo Tom Peabody


8 thoughts on “Fashion Senseless: Fame Is Fleeting

  1. Jasmine’s fame fell to about her waistline, uh sorry – hope I didn’t offend the ole gal. And now – the super achiever says school sucks? What’s with that?

    • Hahahahaha! Gunther told Jasmine that maybe she could revive her career on Facebook… Just like all the old time rock and rollers are doing. My school sucks t-shirts are my biggest sellers, ever! All the kids love them and the teachers hate them. But I think they inspire the teachers to do a better job!

  2. I’m almost speechless…I wasn’t expecting the partial nudity, but once I looked at the girls horn-rimmed glasses, I knew it was safe to peek. Poor Jasmine, a “has been” before her time.

    I voted early too. I’ve ordered extra t-shirts too. Mom told me I wasn’t allowed to wear a dirty shirt to school and since she has a full time job as a mechanic at the Bus Barn, I knew it’d take some pressure off her (and the washing machine).

    • This photo was from a photo essay about a real burlesque dancer. Apparently a photojournalist was trying to make hay out of her hard times. Don’t worry I won’t show anything more than a bikini. 🙂
      The nice thing about the t-shirts is it has all of the kids thinking about how school doesn’t have to suck. That’s also my platform as candidate for 4th grade class president! I think all the kids see that school is what we make it!

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