Chef Buffalo Tom Peabody

E-Z Recipe…


Don’t forget the gherkins!
Enjoy it with a pickle sickle!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


14 thoughts on “Chef Buffalo Tom Peabody

  1. Gherkins and pistachio ice cream, a little too rich for my blood. I would have thought a dill would create a new Oriental Sweet & Sour dessert style. Like those fusion restaurants – a combination Chinese/New York Deli ala mode.

    • Great points! I removed part of the ad so I could squeeze my fat head into it… And this was an ad for the sherbet dessert which was pickle flavored… Ugh I never heard of the corporation promoting it but it sounded kind of like a Monsanto type company… Ugh. And, like you, I thought it was pistachio ice cream until I read a little more closely… Ugh. But it was a serious ad for pickle flavored sherbet. I really like pickles, all kinds, but I’m not sure about pickle flavored sherbet. The ad was from the 1960’s or 1970 s, so apparently the public wasn’t going for it either.

      • How about garlic ice cream, we have it down here in FL during the garlic festival – I like garlic, but I’ve never tried it.

      • I think I would try the garlic ice cream and the pickle sherbet, since pickles are normally served cold, they may taste ok in a sherbet.
        I definitely like coffee ice cream, its a real pick me up!

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