Fashion Sensible: America’s Got Talent!


I’m rewarding all of these talented people with 25 cents… That they can spend any way they like! They also get to appear on my blog!


Well, there you have it! My first installment of America’s Got Talent!
Cash prizes and prestige… What more could you ask for?

The 9 Lives of Buffalo Tom Peabody


29 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible: America’s Got Talent!

  1. Brilliant, although it does appear we have a questionable character in the background of that second picture. Well, maybe two? Yes, women should not flash their panties in public, I agree, but nor should lewd folks glue their eyes. It was the ‘dip’ that was being presented for entertainment, not her lace panties. Of course, maybe this guy has led a sheltered life. Maybe it’s no longer ‘sheltered’ as it once was. For all I know, he now is housed in a correctional facility and enjoys three meals a day. His later photo op may have been presented displaying a number at his chest and a ruler in the background.
    I’m old. I’m headed back to my cave. I can’t dip, and I sure as heck can’t plank.

      • I once made the error of dating someone of questionable character. Surely I wouldn’t have done so if I’d been able to research a bit, but this was back in the dark ages, before the Internet. I met this jacka$$ at a party, safe enough environment, a potluck dinner, a gathering of good folk…except for this new man in town. Well, skip forward a few weeks. He doesn’t come calling at my door for our planned date. He failed to call. I thought it odd; he’d displayed an attentive and polite presence in prior callings. Later this particulate evening I receive a phone call from a good friend. Evidently this piece of trash had been arrested on a county road. He had been following a schoolbus. At a bus stop he waited for a drop off, and then continued following a young girl up a rural farm road. He approached her and exposed himself. Story has it that he didn’t consider that a few cowboys might come over the hilltop just at the perfect moment to catch this pervert before he could continue his exploitation.

        Last I heard, this guy was in prison. Hopefully things were handled effectively there and he is no longer part of our tax burden.

        Sorry to get off on a tangent, Tom. I’m not angry you posted this, if anything, I’m grateful. It feels good to scream and shout. My only regret is that I did so on your forum. You bring us so much laughter and I personally know you were not trying to incite anger. We Texans live by that slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas!”

        Have yourself a great day and thank you for being you. Cheers, my friend!

      • Your story brings up some really excellent points. So much of our lives are based on trust. Surveying and appraising our environment and the people in it, is difficult enough with all five senses. For blind people, that old saying… Blind faith… Takes on a whole new meaning. I MUST believe that people are well intentioned. At least until they demonstrate in a demonstrative way that they are not trustworthy. I like to tell people, that being blind is similar to walking out over the Grand Canyon on a 2 Γ— 4. Trusting first and verifying later. Most people I meet do not give away their good or bad intentions in their vocal inflections. I have decided to live my life, not assuming that everyone is a “pickpocket”. So far this is working out okay. I think if I didn’t do this I would become terribly isolated. I have found myself in situations similar to the one in your story. It seems like we are all extremely vulnerable whenever we trust. I hope that made sense. πŸ™‚

      • I’d rather trust first and question later. Sadly, all too often we are reminded that we walk a precarious line when being so accepting. Media would have us believe that our world is filled with nothing but the worthless. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        Again, Tom, my apologies for going off on a rant. You offer your readers such a wonderful world of joy! Coming here is a mini-vacation. I’m forever grateful to Chris Hinton of The Dimwit Diaries for turning me on to your blog. (I miss that kid; I wish he’d careen back into our lives again. He too, is such a gift!)

        Thanks for your understanding.

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