Fashion Sensible: Behind The Scenes

Dr Zhivago


The untold story… As only I can tell it!


You just had to be there!


Not only did I co-star in the film… I was also Julie Christie and Omar Sharif’s personal assistant!


My role was very similar to Rasputin…


I was predicting the future like crazy!


But, just as in real life, no one ever listens!


Omar was a heart attack waiting to happen!


… Until it’s too late!


This version of the movie was much more wistful…


Boris Pasternak loved our interpretation!


Everything was going along swimmingly until my moron of a manager suggested that the title of the film be changed to… “Dr Buffalo Tom Peabody”


…mmmmm bacon…
The next time you watch the film, you can tell everyone the true Hollywood behind the scenes story!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


29 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible: Behind The Scenes

  1. LOL! I seem to remember a field of daffodils in the movie…more flowers, less frosty weather? Oh, that’s right, you have all that excess pork! 🙂

    • Hahahahaha! There were a lot of cinematic moments in the movie. Funny though… There was so little doctoring in a movie called Dr Zhivago. Come to think of it… There wasn’t very much poetry in a movie about a doctor turned poet… Probably not a good idea to get too wrapped up in the details. 🙂

  2. Bacon! Every time you talk, bacon, I feel like heading into the kitchen to sizzle a few slices. I smell it, crave it and consider it comfort food.

    Bacon, bacon, bacon…I MUST have bacon!

    • Bacon and coffee. I think these are the two best non-dessert aromas. Many years ago I had bacon eggs and coffee at a roadside cafe in Durango, Colorado… Best breakfast of my life! 🙂 I’ll never forget it.

    • My feelings exactly! I can understand in the first part of the film when everybody is filthy rich… That disgruntled servants would be doing the cooking. But, during and after the revolution… Historically it makes sense, that they would be frying up their own bacon!

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