Hi-Jinx, Nincompoopery & Buffalo Tom Foolery


The 9 Lives of Buffalo Tom Peabody


19 thoughts on “Hi-Jinx, Nincompoopery & Buffalo Tom Foolery

  1. This reminds me of a book I long to finish within my lifetime. David Foster Wallace’s, ‘Infinite Jest’… Somehow one of the character’s commits suicide using a microwave oven.?!

    Poor gal. I hate to think how desperate she was. Depression kills.

      • Let’s go with the MRI theory. One performed at home is 1/100ths times cheaper, at least, and that’s just if you’re lucky enough to get booked later at The budget-minded, Scan-O-Rama for the follow-up review with their radiologists, Dr. Clearswell. You are S.O.L., if his attendant is the only one in that day, Dr. Clueless has been know to make grave errors. If you know what I mean…

      • It seems like an MRI could be used to catch things in the early stages.. But because of the cost it’s always used to confirm something awful when it’s too late. A wonderful life saver becomes the kiss of death. Sort of like… We know the cure for starvation.. And yet thousands of people starve to death every week. It sort of makes me doubt the value of cures. Without the will of the people to make it happen, a cure is worthless. We eventually, do get, only the things we really really want.

      • I so agree. Just look at the mayhem over the Ebola scare. People are running around trying to outline a specific way of protecting our borders. A little late. How can you close a border? Contagions are borderless once they are non-contained. A little too late to worry about the spread, let’s work on containment and assist other countries to do the same.

      • I think there is a philosophical element to all of this. People panic when they feel apart from things or feel they should be protected from things going on around them. People don’t seem to panic as much when they feel like they’re all in it together. It may just be a matter of trust.

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