Road Killjoy



The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


13 thoughts on “Road Killjoy

  1. The nerve of that guy! What the heck? Clueless! Seriously. Just because he’s ‘A tall drink of water’ does not give him the rite to claim the territory.

    Ask that dude where he thinks the mountains came from…I’ll bet he’d claim a meteor hit, or a bunch of wild tornadoes. Everyone knows we got them when the dinosaurs came out to play after that toad strangler set stage for the quagmire.

    Geez, his Vaseline hair tonic has invaded his Aqua Velvet!

    • L_o_l! His name is Dozie, normally he pumps out all of the septic tanks , in the county, with his honey truck. He’s mad because up the road about a quarter mile at the 4 way stop sign, I sell sight seeing brochures to all the tourists. For a quarter. I listed his place as having a brontosaurus dinosaur because of that big fake dinosaur head he has next to his telephone pole. He gets tired telling all the people asking to see his dinosaur that he doesn’t have one. I told Dozie that if he told everybody he had a dinosaur on the property it would explain the poop smell from his honey truck. Everybody knows dinosaurs poop a lot. He could also sell some of the stuff that he pumps out of the septic tanks, in jars, as dinosaur poop. It sounds really gross… But I bet people would buy it!

      • Yep, Dozie is definitely clueless. Poop cash could have allowed him to upgrade his honey truck to a real biohazard vehicle. He’s smelling something, but it sure ain’t cash. 😉

      • Hahahahaha! My feelings exactly! Dozie has no imagination! His girlfriend, Brie, just like the cheese, thinks it’s a great idea. They met on Christian Mingle… The Christian dating site.

    • Hi keV! Your new page looks great! It will take me a little time to figure it out and navigate it with TTS. I’m stuck right now and cannot get the buttons to work. 😦 it’ll take me a little time but I will figure it out. Because TTS is so quirky all new sites respond this way.

      • It stands for text to speech. Helps people with low vision by making an Android speak the text on the screen. It also converts the spoken word to text. It’s really kind of a miracle. I couldn’t get along without it.

  2. Plausible deniability? The theme of politicians everywhere! Welcome to the campaign trail, Buffalo Tom Peabody! 🙂

    • Lol! It’s that darn Dozie Mosley! There isn’t much to see in our neck of the woods. So I have to exaggerate a little bit. I told Dozie that he doesn’t have to do anything. Any time someone asks to see the dinosaur…all he has to say is talk to Buffalo Tom and I’ll take it from there!

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