Fashion Sensible: Holler-Ween Treats


Fit to eat!
It was so good… My tongue just about slapped my face silly!



The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody

9 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible: Holler-Ween Treats

  1. I’ll overnight you a lifetime supply! Better you than me, Buffalo Tom Peabody! I could never stand the caramel apple or the candy apple. 🙂

  2. I’d love a caramel apple, but I’d be embarrassed having my teeth exit my mouth still intact within the apple.

    Don’t give me plain caramels, my lower bridgework will assume ‘lift-off’… Of course my dentist disagrees. He has a house payment due on the first.

    By the way, was this TMI?

    • LOL! Of course not! I really do like a fresh crunchy caramel apple. Whenever I have bought a caramel apple, it’s always a mushy Apple… Yuck. I’ve never had a good candy apple or taffy Apple. ( I just noticed that TTS is capitalizing every Apple… Apparently Google now believes that every Apple is a computer reference.)

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