Holler-Ween Horror 2: No Refunds!

The Count Buffalo Tom Peabody Doll…


Fashion senseless…
*No personal checks, please! Visa and MasterCard welcome.
All sales are final, sorry, no refunds.

The 9 Lives of Buffalo Tom Peabody


14 thoughts on “Holler-Ween Horror 2: No Refunds!

  1. Why not have a “two-fer” sale? Package the dolls in a lunch-box? Move the merchandise, Buffalo Tom Peabody! 🙂

    • Interestingly, outfit7, the creators of talking tom cat do have a doll ! I must admit that talking tom cat and I look an awful lot alike! He will come to you naked and you will have to make clothes for him to make him look like me! 🙂 the only difference between me and talking tom cat is he is boring and I try to be interesting. 🙂

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