Holler-Ween Horror 2: Grand Finale!

It’s finally here!


It’s been a very busy morning for me, Gunther and Boris…
I hope Boris isn’t too tied up to join us for the drive-in tonight!


Boris treated me and Gunther to lunch since we went to get it…


Then we went to pick up Tom Waits so that we could get to the drive-in early for the Creature Quadruple Feature!


Yahoo! What a great Holler-Ween me and Gunther are having!



Special thanks to Tom Waits…


We hope you’re having a great HOLLER-WEEN!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


14 thoughts on “Holler-Ween Horror 2: Grand Finale!

    • What a nice thing to say and I thank you for it! For me, the best part about blogging is reading blogs. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say… They don’t have time to read blogs. My theory is, you can’t have output without input. 🙂 a good example of this, that pops right into my mind is squaw bread! I spent most of my adult life living in the South East, Alabama to be exact. In Alabama I did a lot of flower gardening and some vegetable gardening. I miss that very very much. On your blog I get to see photographs of that glorious Southern foliage. So I thank you!

  1. I thought I saw the four of you in the concession stand! Before that I noticed three of you climbing out of the trunk after Tom paid for that ‘One’ ticket at the drive booth. Sly, real sly…give me those McDonald’s toys and I’ll ‘forget’ a few of last nights details.

    • Lol! Busted! We got to the drive-in so early we were able to play for hours on the playground! Watching Gunther push Boris on the swings was a laugh riot! Tom Waits brought his guitar and sat on a picnic table singing some of his horrifying lyrics for us! This was the best Halloween ever, I don’t know how we will top it next year!

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