… Tea Party album pick of the week!




… The devil made me do this…

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


13 thoughts on “eyeTunes

  1. LOL! My friend, Buffalo Tom Peabody has truly outdone himself on this one! It’s too ….true! 🙂 Much love and many naked feline hugs!

      • I hope his last name is Wheeler, but what if he was confiscated from the big tent show revival? Or the circus? A band of Bohemian Gypsies? So many questions, but the only way we can get the answers are through the arms of others. Oh my!

      • Hahahahahahaha! Good one! I think you are like me… Everytime I see something…my mind immediately begins creating back stories I think one of the biggest problems involving ventriloquism is trying to decide if you should walk out on stage with your dummy (Randy) in your arms or walk out on stage and unpack your dummy (Randy) from his case. .. Not to mention, if you decide to walk out on stage with Randy in your arms, should he look like he’s interested in his surroundings by moving his head and blinking his eyes? There are definitely more questions than answers.

      • If you overthink Randy he will splinter off into factions. Some of him will be carried out in a suitcase, parts of him will be hauled across the floor. His owner will be left with the reality that his show is doomed from the get-go. Who would believe a broken dummy?

        Now, I’m just really clowning around with you. Next, you’ll tell me that Randy and Bozo are actually brothers, and fraternal twins at that!

    • I think one of the creepiest ventriloquist dummies was Jerry Mahoney… He was popular in the fifties and sixties. He was really mean spirited.
      Speaking of clowns! In today’s post I’m wearing a clown outfit! 🙂 clowns are extremely creepy.

  2. I liked Bozo too. I also liked Emmett Kelly, all of Paul Winchell’s dummies, Sherry Lewis and Lambchop, Clarabell the Clown (also as Captain Kangaroo) and Charlie McCarthy. But I have to say, Randy really creeps me out. I like clowns and ventriloquist’s dummies, but Randy strikes me as the one who will rise up out of his suitcase at midnight and come after you with an ax.

    • I’m with you on Emmett Kelly he was a performance artist. I have a feeling that there is a fine line when it comes to ventriloquists and their dummies, clowns and general insanity. 🙂 all of it makes life very interesting.

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