Ventriloquists Extraordinaire!

Me and Gunther decided to become ventriloquists!





Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther “Cool Breeze” Tootie

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


14 thoughts on “Ventriloquists Extraordinaire!

    • Hahahahaha! It always seems like, the most important thing people notice when they are watching a ventriloquism act is whether or not the ventriloquists lips moved… Not whether or not the jokes were funny.

    • Hi Marie! I was just over on your blog and I see I have a lot of catching up to do.
      Hurricane Harvey has taken over the news Cycles so we aren’t getting much news on the Trump crime family but Robert Mueller’s investigation looks like the end for the Trump circus. Yahoo!

      • We all do buddy lol. That hurricane really, sad that current flotus of near added insult to injury by wearing 12 inch stilettos to visit there. If the investigation don’t get him out I hope you guys start shoving the GOP’s own shit back up their…next year and send grompfader to a retirement in 2020…the timings of the 3 hurricanes I have heard you guys deal with in recent years is also like nature saying something or just my crazy imagination? 😬😯😕

      • LOL! Good ones, Marie!
        There is a weird sexual obsession and inappropriateness in the Trump crime family. If I remember my psychology classes correctly this is a sign of people being sexualized at too early an age… if the Stiletto fits…
        Robert Mueller will soon Supply us with all the answers we need. LOL!

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