eyeTunes: Who Knew?


This album is PUR-R-R-R-FECT!




Real organ music!


I think Tom Waits likes it!


The devil made me do this!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody


7 thoughts on “eyeTunes: Who Knew?

  1. Tom Jones has nuttin’ on you…now, I have to wonder, because people in the ‘know’ really want to know. Did Lee take up the organ when he heard Clint took up the piano?
    There are so many directions to go with this post, but I’m sticking with the gunslayer’s, the men that forged the West, the ‘new sheriff’ in town, theme. As for Tom, I think I hear a rift or two in the background. I’m just not sure if it’s coming off his guitar or the fistfight three-way he and Marvin and Eastwood are trying to schedule. Quick, advise him to light up a smoke and lay low until the pussy cat tires of the ivorys and takes off in search of the real Buffalo Tom. 😉

    • Lol! I have this album on my list of research items. I really want to hear some of it. It seems odd to me that somebody as famous as Lee Marvin would make an album with such an off handed and double entendre cover. Teens like, if he was good enough to play the Mighty Wurlitzer at Radio City Music Hall… It would be an album you could take seriously. I wonder if this is all a tie-in with the film “What’s New Pussycat?” I really miss album cover since I have switched to iTunes. 😦

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